Don't make on the way!

by Jürgen Englerth

In the summer of 1983, my friend Oliver Riesenberger and I had planned to paddle the canyon of the Weissach River in Austria. The Weissach Canyon is a deep cut in the Tirolean Alps, created by the Weissach, which is merely a creek. When we arrived at the river, we changed into our wetsuits and paddling gear. Since the canyon is very narrow and at that time white water kayaks were 4 metres (13 feet) long, we decided to scout the key section from a bridge that span highly above the deepest and narrowest part of the river. We found no obstacles but the scenery looked so intimidating to me, that I felt a sudden urge to use the nonexistent restrooms. I desperately looked for a shielded spot while trying to get out of my gear and wetsuit. When I finally managed to undress, I had no choice but to let nature have it's way right in the middle of the trail that ran along the upper rim of the canyon.

The trip turned out to be beautiful but uneventfull. Just 3 miles of straight class III white water.

A few months later, we were on our way to go skiing in the mountains above the Weissach Canyon. When we passed the bridge, I decided to take another look at the river below. In the winter it looked even more impressive with ice covering the rock faces.

As I walked along the trail at the canyon rim, I came upon this sign:

The German writing says „Shitting on the trail is prohibited!“









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