Captain's Log 1997

Saturday, June 21, 1997

Low water at the Battery: 3:39am; 3:43pm
High water at the Battery: 9:23am

7:30am : LOW WATER +4 HOURS. Left from boat dock at Liberty State Park canoeing w/ JJ Spanier in the 17' Green Machine and David Leshan in his Yellow Banana sea kayak. Left about 10 minutes ahead of 60 sea kayakers from Metropolitan Association of Sea Kayakers. Hot and hazy.

8:20: Brooklyn Bridge
8:30: Williamsburg Bridge
9:05: Queensboro Bridge. Hardly paddling at all, but making fast time w/ strong current and gentle S breeze.

9:25: 105th St. Pedestrian bridge to S end of Randalls/Wards Island. Water slack around Mill Rock and W of Randalls/Wards. Hell Gate no problem.
9:50: Rest/lunch at dirty beach on Wards I. which disappears at high tide. Dead fish and condoms. Boat wakes capsize the Yellow Banana anchored off the beach.
11:00: Head N leisurely up Harlem River w/ current.
11:30: 145th St. Bridge
12:00: 181st St. - High Bridge. Good strong current.
12:30P: Spuyten Duyvel. Strong S winds blowing up the Hudson. No more floating along; we have to paddle now.
1:05: Ross Dock. Nice beach stop for sandwiches and drinks.
1:25: Depart Ross Dock and continue down Hudson.
1:30 George Washington Bridge. Difficult paddling into strong S wind (15-20 knots?) and big swells down Hudson, but with strenuous paddling and the current we maintain good rate of 3-4 knots, even though it feels like we are standing still in the wind. Kayaks are doing much better than the canoe. According to kayakers in today's flotilla, you get a better push from the current in the middle of the Hudson channel than on the side where we were paddling in an attempt to cut down on the wind.
2:00: Grants Tomb. Tremendous horsepower on River -- barges, tugs, jet skiis, helicopters and roaring powerboats.
2:30: 81st St.
3:00: 42nd St.
3:30: Canal St.
4:00: Tip of Manhattan. Current weak in the Harbor and winds are strong; have had enough paddling for the day.
4:50P: LSP.

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