Mess-Up on Staten Island. Always Triple Check!

Monday, March 24, 2014

distance: 0 miles

weather: sunny, 36F

kayakers: Bruce Taterka, Jürgen Englerth

The plan was to paddle the 1.6 miles from the shore of Staten Island to Swinburne Island, to pay the seal colony our yearly visit.

We made the trip out to Staten Island through dense traffic. We unloaded our kayaks and geared up. The first bad omen was that we had nice weather. We never paddle in nice weather.

Swinburne Island looked so close. It would be an easy paddle, for a change.

We were shocked to find out that we had left the lids to the hatches of our kayaks at home. We tried to seal them with trash bags and duct tape but the result was not satisfactory.

Nothing left to do but to change back into our clothes and reload the boats and gear.

Back to beautiful New Jersey.

We found the lids safely in the garage. Next time, better triple check.

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