Queen Mary 2 Maiden Arrival
Sunrise Paddle in NY Harbor

April 22, 2004

On the morning of Earth Day 2004, the Queen Mary 2 made her maiden
arrival in New York Harbor, approaching the Statue of Liberty at sunrise.

As the sun rose and the fog lifted, the great ship came into view.
The new Queen Mary 2 from the Cunard Line is the largest passenger ship in the history of the world. It's over 1,000 feet long, holds 2,620 passengers, and cost $800 million dollars. It has 10 restaurants, a Champagne Bar, ballrooms, discos, a spa, and even a planetarium -- all those important amenities you need at sea! Unfortunately, Cunard and the other cruise lines owned by Carnival Corporation don't always take care of the ocean. They paid $18 million in fines in 2002 for falsifying records and dumping oil in the ocean. Later in 2002, a former Carnival executive accused the company of dumping oil and toxic waste into the ocean, even while the company claimed to be cooperating with federal investigators. In 2003, Carnival reportedly filed false environmental-compliance reports, violating the terms of its 2002 agreement with the government. Also in 2003, Carnival admitted to illegal dumping of ballast water in California.
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At least I saw one nice boat today.

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