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Haikus have 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables, and the third has 5 syllables.

Last Year's Winner:
I paddled Hudson,
Delaware I paddled too.
Far from them I live.

- Juergen Englerth
Taufkirchen, Germany

The Haikus:
When will the snow melt?
Need to paddle or I'll die
Hurry Spring Hurry

- Danger Girl

Springtime calls to you
Cold spray the season's greeting
Creeks fat from winter

- Quinn the Eskimo

Moon lights your kayak,
Paddle rising in the dark
Sparking river stars.

- Mary Polly Evans-Lesh

Chase the river's course:
Dancing through rocks and forest.
Sunlight on the water

- Robert Frost IV
Inuit transport,
Yuppies have discovered it,
Put it on Visa.

- Bruce Taterka
Kayking is fun.
Kayking is very cool.
I love to kayak.

- M. Evantat
Calm in the Water
Moisture cools my hot, bald head
Floating silver pod

- Erica
Noise! Horsepower! Gasoline!
Destroy your jet ski!

- Ralph Nader
Posted on the web
A manhattan trip note

- Jones Jeep
Pawlata or Screw
Make sure your off side's good
Or bomb proof you're not

- David Leshan
The TV was good
The computer was better
Paddling is best

- Maddie Taterka
It takes more than fine
Inuit intuition
To paddle the sea

- Intuik Gryslyk
White water plastic
Ocean glass and kevlar boats
Carbon our future

- D.J. Ahab
My one boat is Red
My other boat is not Red
but it is Orange

- LL Bean Bag
A drop of water
over and over again:
river to paddle

- anon.

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