2012 DHCKC Circumnavigation

Saturday, June 8, 2012

by Bruce Taterka

Low tide at The Battery: 7:05 am -0.1´
High tide at The Battery: 1:26 pm +4.9´
Full Moon: June 4

8:15am: Push off in the mud at the Englewood Boat Basin under overcast skies with a light south breeze. Five paddlers in the group: Bruce Taterka, David Leshan, and newbies Ken Rendell, David Alexander, and Maddie Taterka.

9:15am: 96th Street. Current moving us downriver fast against a mild south breeze, kicking up waves.

9:45: 48th St. Breeze dying. Current still strong.

10:15am: between 14th St. & Canal. Wind has died and water is flat. Current still moving south. Ferries are buzzing back and forth .

10:45am: The Battery. The water is flat and air is still. Wait for Statue of Liberty & Staten Island Ferries to pass.

11:05am: Strong N current in East River. Rest stop at Brooklyn Bridge.

11:40am: Sun is out! Head north on strong current in E. River. No wind or waves.

12:10pm: 23rd St.

12:25pm: S tip of Roosevelt I. Fast current.

12:40pm: N tip of Roosevelt I.

1:15pm: Randall´s Island rest stop. A private event was being set up in the park so we had to stay on the river side of the fence, under the watch of security people.

2:30pm: Push off from Randall´s. Slack water in the Harlem River.

3:00pm: 135th St. N current picking up.

3:30pm: Croton Aqueduct. Nice current moving north. Water is like glass.

4:00pm: Broadway Bridge.

4:30pm: Back to the Boat Basin.

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