Bruce Taterka's 1999 Solo Circumnavigation

Sunday, July 18, 1999

Low water at the Battery: 7:15 a.m
High water at the Battery: 1:38 p.m.

9:15amStart south down the Hudson from the Englewood Boat Basin, paddling in my 19' Current Designs Extreme kayak. The water is flat and the wind is out of the south at about 10 knots. A muggy haze hangs over the river. It's going to tbe hot.
10:1590th Street. Strong south current.
10:4530th Street.
11:15Just south of the Holland Tunnel. Current is dropping off to slack water.
11:30The Battery. Slack water in the Hudson and the Bay, but there is a swift north current in the East River.
11:50Rest stop at small beach under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.
NoonBack in the boat heading north.
12:45Queensboro Bridge. The north current is raging along Roosevelt Island.
1:00Mill Rock. The current drops off by the Foot Bridge, but still moving north weakly.
1:15Rest at small beach on Ward's Island, by the Psych Center. The sun is blazing, 98 degrees and humid.
1:30Start heading north against the current in the Harlem River accompanied by serious heat, haze and humidity. Considering taking a swim.
2:00Second Avenue Bridge. Still paddling against the current, taking rests under the bridges to take advantage of the shade.
2:30Yankee Stadium - Yogi Berra Day. David Cone working on a perfect game inside. Stadium thermometer reads 96. Current more or less slack now, but a north wind is starting to blow down the river, and there are ominous thunderheads and flashes of lightning off to the north.
3:00Dyckman Street. There is now a weak north current, but a full-fledged thunderstorm is howling. Torrential rain and gusting north wind, with lightning bolts and booming thunder crashing down onto the Bronx.
3:30Railroad Bridge at Spuyten Duyvel. The storm has passed and the hazy sun has returned. Waterfalls are cascading into the river off the rocks of Marble Hill. There is now a nice current flowing up the Harlem.
3:45Return to the Boat Basin. Mild current flowing north up the Hudson.

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