2002 Delaware & Hudson Canoe & Kayak Club
Manhattan Island Circumnavigation

August 11, 2002
Low water at the Battery -0.6' at 5:07 a.m
High water at the Battery +5.4' at 11:11 a.m.
7:20aFive paddlers start south down the Hudson from the Englewood Boat Basin on a clear, warm morning. The current is flowing south nicely and brisk breeze blows from the southwest directly in our face at about 10 knots. We're pushing off almost 2 1/2 hours after low tide at the Battery, cutting it close if we're going to make it down the Hudson before the current turns north. But we are all strong, experienced paddlers so I'm not worried.
7:40aGeorge Washington Bridge. Despite the southwest wind we're making good time.
8:45a79th St. We've made good time so far, covering almost 7 miles in about an hour and a half. But the current is by now almost slack, and the boats moored at 79th St. have all been pushed to the north by the wind, letting us know we'll be working agains the wind and the river for the next 7 miles to the Battery.
9:15a42nd St. Slack water and southwest breeze.
9:45a23rd St. The wind has died down but the current is now flowing weakly north, slowing our progress. We still have 3.5 miles to the Battery against a steadily building current.
10:15aHolland Tunnel, working against the current.
10:45aNorth Cove. We're paddling against a strong north current and light SW breeze, demanding a strong effort not to go backwards. Big swells reflect off the seawall.
11:10aThe Battery. The strong north current in the Hudson totally dies at the tip of island. The slack water at the Battery then gives way to an even stronger north current in the East River.
11:25 - 11:35aQuick rest stop on the Manhattan shore under the Brooklyn Bridge. The beach is completely submerged at high tide and we have to drag our boats up onto the flotsam against the seawall. We'll have to paddle fast to get to Hell Gate before the current turns south in the East River, which is supposed to happen at about 12:45pm.
12:35pQueensboro Bridge. We decided to paddle up the east (Queens) side of Roosevelt Island for a change, and it turns out to be not nearly as interesting as the Manhattan side. The north current is weak and we're paddling hard to get to the tip of Roosevelt before it turns. It's hot, 92 degrees.
12:55pNorthern tip of Roosevelt. The water is dead slack.
1:05pMill Rock. Weak N current.
1:35-2:05pRandall's Island rest stop. The beach in front of the sea wall is completely submereged so we lift our boats onto the wall.
2:35pYankee Stadium. Strong N current in the Harlem.
3:05p207th St.
3:25pSpuyten Duyvel.
3:40pReturn to Boat Basin. Stiff SW breeze and weak S current in the Hudson

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